Quinceanera Party Tips To Consider

Beauty sleep the night before, big smiles at the party!

It's the countdown to her fifteenth birthday, the biggest day of her life, and the girl is salivating over magazine articles and photos, trying to choose colors, a dress, flowers … all the while giggling with her cousins, neighbors, sisters and mother. The whole family gets involved in the organization of a Quinceanera and everyone wants to give their input and have their idea heard and taken on. For Quinceanera party tips, you can't go past the original matriarchs of Hispanic families who've held, organized and attended dozens of them in their lifetime. Their best advice would probably be: "Have fun, dance all night and SMILE!" But a few more specific ideas would come in handy.

Plan ahead
Book the church way in advance so you don't miss out on the date you'd like for the ceremony, because without that, no other planning can get underway. Then book the hall where the reception will be held. After those are arranged, everything else can follow.

Choosing your attendants
It's a big job trying to decide who all your attendants will be. One very important Quinceanera party tip is to make a list of all the potentials, but be sure to consult your parents because it may mean a great deal to them to have particular people as your damas and chambelanes. They will also help you to avoid conflict if someone misses out.

Saving money

  • Your Quinceanera isn't about spending as much money as possible, especially if your parents have limited resources. Be creative and you won't need to deplete the family's savings too profoundly.
  • Consider alternatives to expensive fabrics for your dress and choose a less full style to save on lengths of material.
  • If you're crafty, enlist the help of family and friends to make party favors.
  • Have someone who has a flair for flowers arrange the bouquets with blossoms grown by a relative or neighbor.
  • Design your invitation yourself on your computer and have them printed at a discount copy center.
  • Make use of coupons and other offers for services such as hairdressing and makeup.
  • Balloons are cheap; use them in abundance to save on spending too much on flowers.
  • Shop for Quinceanera essentials during sales or at discount stores and pick up some bargains.

Put your personal stamp on it
It's your party; it should be personalized to suit your nature and the kinds of things you're about. If you're a fan of 1940's movies, devise a theme around the Golden Oldies. If everyone knows you for your crazy sense of humor, add some quirks to the decorating and have a 'Minute Mic' contest where guests can tell jokes for one minute and win a prize for the best - or worst - effort. Or, if you're a karaoke nut, organize a mini concert that everyone can participate in.

One of the best Quinceanera party tips you'll receive is to go to bed early the night before … if you possibly can, amidst all the excitement and chatter! You'll want to look your best and be well rested because the next day, you'll feel like the most important girl in the country!

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