Don't Forget Your Quinceanera Invitations

What's a party without the guests?

Without Quinceanera invitations, there's no Quinceanera, right? You know it. Imagine the reception hall totally decked out for a birthday party, with gorgeous decorations, damas wearing fabulous dresses and jewelry and everything organized to the last detail, including the coordinating napkins, centrepieces and accessories … and no one shows up! It's like the nightmare you experience when you have to do some public speaking and you have to imagine the audience naked: too surreal for words.

You simply must make it a priority to organize your Quinceanera invitations.

Naturally you don't want to order just any invitation off the shelf at the stationer's. You want something personalized to your taste and theme, something with some elegance and that speaks of the kind of young lady you are. You've been dreaming of this your entire life and it has to be perfect.

Do it yourself
If you're pretty handy with a computer and printer, you can make your own Quinceanera invitations. Even if you're not, there are probably some other kids at your school who can help you if you tell them what you want. Sketch out a few designs then make them up in the appropriate program. There are so many fonts to choose from, plus borders, clip art and design wizards. Have a browse around a stationer's store because they have many different products such as papers, materials, ribbons, stickers, fasteners and envelopes that will inspire you all the way.

Hire a professional
Of course, you can have a professional do your Quinceanera invitations for you. Usually, they will have albums that you can look through and you can make selections of different elements from all the different styles on display.

When to send
When hosting an event such as this, the usual etiquette with invitations is to send them so that they arrive six weeks before the date of the party. This gives invited guests plenty of time to respond so that catering can be arranged appropriately. (It also gives guests ample time to consider what to wear and what gifts to buy you!)

Cute ideas: Your Quinceanera invitations can be unique and fun.

  • Use a scrapbooking punch to make shaped holes in your invitations. They can be love hearts, stars, balloons or whatever else you think is cute.
  • You can buy colorful, shaped sprinkles and add a dozen or so to the envelopes so that when the guests open them, the festive atmosphere will come tumbling out.
  • Add a light spray of perfume to a coordinating colored piece of tissue paper and insert in the envelope for another lovely surprise.
  • Put a photo of yourself, either recent or as a baby, on the front of the invitation.
  • Have your favorite quotation, expression or saying printed on the front.

The ideas are endless. Brainstorm with friends and family and you'll have the best time coming up with your Quinceanera invitations!

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