Quinceanera Dresses For Every Day Hispanic Princesses

A once in a lifetime royal opportunity

Many young latinas in the U.S. grow up with romantic dreams of their Quinceanera, fantasizing about making the transformation from girl to woman and being the centre of attention to their adoring family. Of paramount importance is an issue that features high when planning any big occasion … what to wear!

Quinceanera dresses are notoriously glamorous, despite the fact that they are for fifteen-year-old girls. After all, what better excuse is there to play dress-ups than one's own coming of age?

Depending on financial circumstances and social standing, Quinceanera dresses can be simple and elegant or over-the-top and flashy. But whatever the situation, they're bound to be memorable.

Enlisting the help of a designer is one way of ensuring that your young lady shines on her big day and doesn't appear to be dressed way beyond her years. It also means that she will wear a beautiful gown that will flatter her personality and appearance because it will be personalized for her. If something more affordable is in order, however, a visit to a bridal boutique is a great idea, as some designers put together a regular collection of Quinceanera dresses, from which it's possible to select a creation to suit. The store will also stock accessories to match, such as stunning headpieces, scepters, satin bouquets, jewelry and more.

Quincenera dresses are big business in some parts of America. Naturally, the greater concentration of Hispanics in the community, the more outlets offering gowns to cater for the fiesta. The Internet means that regardless of where a family lives, shopping for a 'sweet fifteen' is a relatively simple matter of browsing the web and the plethora of sites that offer all that's required to celebrate, from ideas to entire packages. Discount websites are a boon for lower income families keen to give their daughter the best experience they can afford without having to sweat on finances any more than is necessary. Inexpensive doesn't always translate to 'cheap'.

Fashions come and go with all things and Quinceanera dresses are no different. It's traditional to wear a floor length, full-skirted gown and that doesn't seem to change, however the choice of fabrics varies with trends. Currently, there is not a huge demand for lace, and while taffeta used to be considered outdated, it's making a comeback thanks to various movie stars sporting it on the red carpet at premieres and awards nights. Indeed, many styles are also inspired by gowns seen on television shows like Dancing With The Stars. Latina fashion role models Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek can influence what a young lady wears for her Quinceanera just by being seen in something gorgeous.

A girl's Quinceanera is a magical religious and social time for her and her family. She is destined to be the belle of the ball, the one upon whom all eyes are turned, so she must look her best. Since the 'sweet fifteen' is a rite of passage and a renewal of her baptism, it's significant enough to warrant that she be treated like a princess for a day.

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